GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2009 - Centro Portugues de Serigrafia,            Twin Towers, Lisbon, Portugal. 2006 - Chelsea Library, London, UK. 2006 - The Bradbourne School, Kent, UK. 2004 - Lauderdale House, London, UK.
1975 - Born in Luanda, Angola. 1975 - Moved to Lisbon, Portugal. 1995 - Moved to London, UK.
EDUCATION 2003 - MA by project, London Metropolitan             University, London, UK. 2000 - BA Fine Art, London Guildhall University,             London, UK. 1997 - BTEC, Chelsea College of Art and Design,              London, UK.
SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2008 - Galeria de Sao Bento, Lisbon, Portugal. 2007 - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London. 2004 - Portuguese embassy, Brussels, Belgium. 2004 - Instituto Camoes, Luxemburg.
OTHER PARTICIPATIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2013 - Video installation - Golive Dance and Performance Festival, London, UK
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ABOUT MY WORK I   have   been   applying   the   principles   of   Zen   in   the actual   act   of   painting   but   I   don't   consider   myself to   be   a   Zen   painter.   The   first   principle   I   apply   is trust.   I   that   come   through   my   hand.   My   need   to apply     a     particular     colour     comes     from     the immediate moment. I    do    not    follow    any    aesthetic    rules.    I    don't discriminate   according   to   the   concepts   of   beauty or   ugliness.   I   trust   and   accept   the   result   I   get. It's   the   immediate   moment,   the   here   and   now, that makes my work what it is. Through   this   process   my   paintings   -   as   all   my   work -   becomes   an   instrument   of   amelioration   of   myself as   a   human   being.   All   the   shapes   are   made   by hand.    By    focusing    totally    in    the    moment    I    can apply   precision   without   any   effort.   This   precision somehow becomes a form of meditation.