I   have   been   applying   the   principles   of   Zen   in   the actual   act   of   painting   but   I   don't   consider   myself   to be   a   Zen   painter.   The   first   principle   I   apply   is   trust.   I that    come    through    my    hand.    My    need    to    apply    a particular colour comes from the immediate moment. I     do     not     follow     any     aesthetic     rules.     I     don't discriminate   according   to   the   concepts   of   beauty   or ugliness.   I   trust   and   accept   the   result   I   get.   It's   the immediate   moment,   the   here   and   now,   that   makes   my work what it is. Through   this   process   my   paintings   -   as   all   my   work   - becomes   an   instrument   of   amelioration   of   myself   as   a human   being.   All   the   shapes   are   made   by   hand.   By focusing   totally   in   the   moment   I   can   apply   precision without   any   effort.   This   precision   somehow   becomes a form of meditation.